Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I have heard from many of you in recent months. I have been asked repeatedly to consider running for the 17th Senate District. After careful consideration, I have made the decision to run for the 17th Senate District in 2014.

I was raised on a dairy farm in rural Spring Green, and developed the work ethic and many of the values that I enjoy today. I spent my career as a CPA in public accounting. For over 30 years I have advised businesses, not-for-profit agencies, and governmental units on financial matters and budgetary restraint.

I believe that I bring the same common sense approach to decision making in Madison as we use in our businesses and households.

During the last legislative session, I authored a bill that would lead to a constitutional amendment that would require the state to use generally accepted accounting principles(GAAP) in its budgeting. Imagine that! Under my proposal the state would be required to use the same accounting standards as our local government units, school districts, and businesses. The state should not raid segregated funds(eg. Transportation Fund; Patient Compensation Fund) as has been done by prior administrations. Our budget needs to be balanced. Like our families, the state needs to live within its own means.

We also need to focus our attention on jobs and job creation. Families across the district are concerned about their future. Until the economy improves and we again have good jobs for our citizens, we need to direct our attention and our energy to job creation. We should not be distracted from this important issue by other less important matters. I will continue to work to push for policies that allow our private sector to create good jobs for our hard working people!

I voted for the Mining Bill this session because it is good legislation for my district and for the State of Wisconsin. I have construction workers in my district that are employed by a contractor in my district that will benefit from the mining jobs. The bill included adequate safeguards for protecting our natural resources.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve you. I look forward to meeting many of you.


Howard Marklein